went to visit my deeply beloved grandma Smaragda. she is the most intelligent person in our family, she’s 88, she reads 3 books a week [right now she’s reading Devil Wears Prada hahajaja] and we chatted so wonderfully. she gives me the best advice, she is so modern and decades ahead of her time. we were soon joined by auntie Anastasia and we watched the mexican soap they love, where we were speaking to the characters on tv, bashing the evil sluts and cheering for the love birds. my grandma is so cool, it’s shocking.

i got YSL moccasins, Alexander McQueen slacks, an amazing knitted coat, a black dolce shirt, and a ton of socks.

doing an interview in a few hours and later in the evening we’re all attending the premiere of the film [jitters bonanza] i’ll slip out of the theater as soon as the lights go down and go to the bar to get wasted.

for some real good laughs at my expense, tune in tomorrow on Makedonia TV, I’ll be going on their morning show for an interview. it’s a bad sign when they haven’t seen the film. fuck knows what they’ll ask me. retardation.

Mary Collins says hello.