Samantha Strong – We Remember

“She hated being on her own,” says Bowen. So much that one night Strong dialed up on a party line and invited some guy she didn’t know to come over to her place. Then, realizing she might have fucked up by inviting a potential psycho into her midst, Strong called Bowen to take care of things. “You think the guy is going to murder me?” Strong asked when Bowen ran over to her place in the middle of the night. Bowen says he had to wait for the guy to show up so he could toss him out.
“And she could drink,” says Bowen, knowing all to well that he’d eventually have to scrape Strong off her apartment floor and toss her into a shower to sober her up. Often times Bowen would find her unconscious under a table.
“But she could have the worst hangover and still be beautiful for the shoot,” Bowen muses. “It never showed on her face. She was like Dorian Gray.” Strong was plain and simply the bad girl of hardcore films- dating gangsters and doing things for the fuck of it and, later, having a good laugh over the fact that she got away with everything. Strong’s reputation for flaking shoots and dance gigs was second to none but her dealings with strip club owners was also legendary. Bowen and I talked about the time Strong was scheduled to appear at a club- maybe it was New Mexico. Her deal with the club was to have a limo at her disposal plus her fee in cash money up front. As Strong got off the plane, she took the money, fucked the limo driver on the spot and ran off with him to Mexico for a week, ignoring the gig.