last week this happened: some online friends chipped in to buy a Blythe doll to my weird neighbor girl.
I think she takes care of her invalid mother and she never leaves the housed except to do shopping and pay the bills.
I thought it’d be awesome if she had a Blythe friend of her own.
So we got her one!!

I left the doll and a suitcase full of  doll stuff on the wall that separates my veranda from hers, with a note: 
“Her name is Sarah Miles, she wants to come live with you.” Days passed and she wouldn’t touch the stuff. So I at one point, I jumped in her veranda at 6am one morning and moved everything  in front of her kitchen balcony door. Following morning the stuff was back on my side of the wall and there was a note:
“Asylums with doors open wide,
Where people had paid to see inside,
For entertainment they watch his body twist
Behind his eyes he says, ‘I still exist.'”
Atrocity Exhibition, Joy Division

and at the back it read: “Funny Indeed”
I freaked out but I got more determined. I left the doll for 2 more days under the harsh sunlight with a note that read “If you don’t take her in, she’ll wait here until she has a sunstroke.”
In the end, she took her in.
And left a note:
I still do not understand your intentions.
In any case, I thank you very much.
Game over”

Hmm.. Such mystery.
I still haven’t actually seen this girl
in two years..
Peefee is intrigued —>