Danced and danced and drank and then, when it was quite late and all too hot, I grabbed Christos L. and we jumped in the pool. Then Christoforos P. and Ioanna P. followed. Oh how cool the water was. And the stars above. We then retreated to a private bungalow and changed into bathrobes and towels. I was smiling the entire next day. That was at club Island.
Then -was it last night? We went to a place and took some dolls and danced and danced till 6am non stop – no pee breaks.

Next day I was shooting “Tender” by Argyris Papadimitropoulos, which was a trip. The soundstage was dark and stuffy, the set was a room of 3 dark teal walls and a white bed with fluffy pillows, like “classy” erotica. Serafita and I humped for 12 hours till we were almost unconscious. I saw some dailies and it looks like a blue film. Serafita has a beautiful body and I did so much to it, things I never thought she’d accept, or I would be as bold to go for. In the end her ass was glowing red and beaming.
Got my paycheck and went to a fabulous greenhouse with Artemis and splashed half of it on plants, flower pots and small trees. The veranda looks so dreamy now. A jasmine tree, ivy, and tons of other mysterious green monsters.