wah i saw slobodan in my sleep, telling me I was inadequate and that he was reducing my part to reduce the length of the play.
and of course the usual one; the play is starting, i don’t know where i’m supposed to be or what i’m supposed to say and to whom. everyone is about to go on stage and i’m frantically looking for my costume and what i’m supposed to do. no one pays any attention. then there was a group of girls of a boarding school within the theater and they were sneaking out secretly to screw their boyfriends. they were only allowed to eat bread. there was a piece of chocolate they were fighting over. there were hills and valleys backstage.
then i woke up.

i’m supposed to go to a photoshoot but i don’t remember where or what time.
and everyone’s cell phone is turned off. goddammit

lookie! a blond Blythe and her prototype.