pic stolen from www.renge.jp
wah, I’m beat.
Yesterday was the confounded Saturday double show and by 9pm as the 2nd show was about to begin I was beyond exhausted. The show ends Feb 1st and I will both miss it and feel relieved. Been listening to Destiny’s Child a lot backstage and I shake my bootay and keep merry.
The cold is so harsh lately and the ac is on 24/7. The cats are loving it. purrrrr
The new Kenner has arrived at the Good Doctor’s. She reeks of smoke and is FILTHY which is so funny. I love a dirty dollie. She is bald and will be rerooted with human hair. She will be a Bath Doll which is a new Kenner concept of mine. Human hair is so kewl when wet and she will be taking baths with me soaking in hot water thanking her lucky stars for the splendid destiny she was given. The name of her: Tatatah. hehe
If I could bother, I’d show you my new Lava lamp but I can’t bother. It’s fantastical though; green wax and light blue oil!
Hec will shoot his new film on 35mm which is a huge victory against his producer who is cutting corners to pocket the dough. Cunt.
The festive days are bloody over so the lazy ass morons of this country have no excuses left and will have to do their jobs. Nobody wants to work in this country. *whips some Greeks*
*pokes rods up their bungholes*