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Monday, February 25th, 2013

Καλημέρα αγάπη μου

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Good evening Mr Samaras,

I am very sorry for the loss of your cat. The animal arrived at my clinic with severe pulmonary edema and thromboembolism and unfortunately, despite my efforts, died.

Although many causes may lead to such situation, cardiac dysfunction and thrombosis might me the most likely one. On the other hand, the disease cannot be predicted since it is an acute phenomenon.

Warm regards with all my sympathy,

Dr E. I. Papadogiannakis

1999 – 2013

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Veronica Lake in front of Paramount studios, mid 60s. For the most part of the 1940s, while under contract with this studio, she was one of the most reliable box office draws in Hollywood.

The day this photo was taken, they wouldn’t let her inside the gate.

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

I’m so stuffed with humble pie, I couldn’t fit another bite. Or can I? More pie? Ok, pie. Another piece of humble pie. And here I was, thinking I could not fit another piece of humble pie.

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Waking up in a stranger’s home. I would have done most anything in my power not to be alone last night, and I kind of did. Had to revisit that sensory memory of those mornings where you wake up, knowing there is someone in the next room already going about their day.


Sunday, February 10th, 2013


Thursday, February 7th, 2013