a friend wrote and sent me this, about me

“The Journey
The Present
A Tall, pre-posessing, highly intellectual, backed with a good portfolio, astonishingly talented and successful in all his endeavors. Loved by many, adored by his family, through blood sweat and tears, he arrived to where he wanted to be but, something is missing.
A few years back he lost the love of his life.
When that person left, not only did he have his heart broken, that occurrence broke a part of his brain too.
In an everyday soul rectifying pain, unbeknownst to most everyone he interacts with, he perseveres. He functions as an efficient person in anything he does.
Reminiscent of an autistic individual only when he has to perform a task, he perseveres. An obsessive finisher, he gets the job than, no matter what it is.
At the end of the day, when all the people are gone, when he’s all alone…
when he has the luxury to get in touched with his feelings, he breaks down…and HOW, nobody knows.
It’s private. Sacred.
Will he remain feeling every throbbing pain? For in doing so, it’s one more moment spent with whom he refers to as
“My love”,
Will he ever love again? Will he…
Rediscover life?”