good GAWD!
a Theda Bara wig on the ebays
i want it!

“Theda Bara Wig. After leaving the screen in 1926, Theda Bara maintained her mystique until her death almost 30 years later. She also preserved the various costumes and accoutrements that had assured her infamy as the screen’s greatest all-time vamp. This black wig perched on Theda’s head as she lured who-knows-how-many poor fools to a disastrously sordid end. It survives in four pieces, which was likely its original design, so Theda could customize its appearance as the whatever seductive whimsey struck her. As with the other Theda wigs in this auction, it was specially created by Theda’s mother, a wig maker by trade, and personally given by Theda to the consignor not long before her 1955 death. A bizarre Hollywood artifact, but also a striking and rather touching one.