The visit to the vet today was traumatic for everyone involved.

featuring: Souppy and the sadness in her eyes :-(

A friend recommended a vet who turned out to be a disappointment. Souppy is demented but still a vet should be able to handle a difficult animal. As it turned out, the doctor was scared of Souppy and Souppy hated the way she was being handled, did a tour-de-force Linda Blair Exorcist impersonation, got away from the retarded vet’s grasp and hid under an ugly desk, screaming all the while. Vet gave me gloves to get her out, Souppy butchered my forearms and clothes in the process but I yanked her out and we got out of there. Tomorrow we’ll go to our old vet. I hate changes. And now Souppy hates me.