two people are on my mind constantly these days.

Maria Gripe, the writer of my most favorite book ‘Josephin’ which she wrote in 1961. She just died on April 5, 2007 in her home at age 84 :-( which is old enough, I guess. Josefin is an awkward girl, the town pastor’s daughter who has no friends and is laughed at at school. She decides to re-invent herself, changing her name to Anna Gra. As a kid, I’d read this book almost everyday, cover to cover instead of doing homework. Gripe later wrote 2 spin offs, ‘Hugo’ and ‘Hugo and Josefin’, awesome as well.

The other person is Amy Sedaris. I had met her in New York through friends and had seen her in The Little Frieda Mysteries at La Mama, the latter completely affecting my life. She’s a genius actress but she can also go out and do a concept cookbook cause it’s part of what she likes and have a crafts club cause it’s part of what she likes and do other non-actory stuff cause it’s part of what she also likes and not take things seriously and take things seriously enough and is obsessed with human hair wigs and have a miniscule company making cupcakes and cheeseballs and selling them directly to small coffee shops in the Village and that she disguises herself in her roles and dresses up in her personal life, and be 100 different people and have total creative control in her work.