I just remembered;
When I was 15 I ran away from home, bought a one-way ticket, took a airplane to London and walked all the way to Hertfortshire to go to Elstree Studios because that was where Labyrinth had been shot. In my mind, those sets still stood and perhaps they’d let me stay there or I could skeak in and hide in the Goblin village. I strided stubbornly without a break under the freezing rain for 8 hours, got there, but there laid a vast flattened out area of debris where most of Elstree Studios was supposed to be. It had been demolished merely months before. I wept a little, ate some chocolate and I composed myself. I picked up a brick, put it my bag and walked all the way back. Police picked me up near Euston Station and I was flown back. Day after, I was back in school, like it had all been a dream. I still have the Elstree Studios brick.