Elizabeth Short, a 22-year-old wannabe actress, spent several years moving around, gaining odd jobs. Her passion for servicemen and aspiration to be famous made her a “different” woman of her time. She reportedly hooked up with a variety of men and women, one reported to having been Marilyn Monroe. Her name “the Black Dahlia” evolved from her black hair and black attire. On January 15, 1947, a passerby spotted her nude body in a vacant lot near Hollywood. Her body had been hacked in half with a butcher knife; many believe she was still alive, yet unconscious at the time she was being held by the limbs with rope or some other tying device, and severed in two. She was bruised and beaten. Grass had been forced into her vagina, fecal matter was found in her mouth cavity and she had been sodomized after death. Various reports came into the LAPD, some people saying they first thought the body was a mannequin. They never caught, who did it.