loving the weak and the loser.

“Alex Dane showed up on time despite getting majorly lost. She entered the studio, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to go – a friendly, out-going, attractive lady with shocking white hair, piercing blue eyes, pretty face, slim trim body and just full of energy. After an hour in the bathroom she emerged a drunken siren, no makeup and hair a mess. Obviously she spent that whole time drinking. That was a recurring theme throughout the day, even after I siezed her booze, she kept going into the bathroom for long periods of time. She brought with her two large bottles of Smirnoff Ice and consumed nearly one entire bottle. She was staggering, loud, demanding and obnoxious. She was far too drunk to send home, she would likely kill someone, so I took her booze away, insisted she eat some lunch and then we slowly worked. The first two still sets had to be done over, she was so drunk. She claims she needs to drink because she is nervous and it helps her smile. I’m offering a couple of those photos for your evaluation of her drunken “smile”. Body drooping, eyes shut or half-closed, slack-jawed, wobbly, unable to follow any direction at all. Oh, she gave head with her teeth. Her explanation was “Oh, when I give head I get lock-jaw, sorry”. She walked through the door at 2pm and left at 9pm. We only did the minimum on our shoot, leaving out several things we normally do and we didn’t do a magazine spread we had planned.”