Spent an spiffing time with Apostolos, Filep and Mary Collins at Hooters where we ate like pigs and the waitressesseses made me stand on a really high stool, hold a menu in each hand, while they sang happy birthday to me [hooters tradition] and they ordered me that when they’d pause I was to squeal like a chicken, flap the menus like wings and shout MY NAME IS THANOS AND IT’S MY BIRTHDAY, then they’d go on singing till they would pause again and then I’d shout again.. etc etc.. It looked like they meant business and I was not to even consider refusing, so I did it. One of the waitresses who was the prettiest one, her name is Sunshine, she told me she shares the same birthday as Hitler and that her Mom shares the same birthday as Hitler’s Mom. Then they gave us free cokes.

Later, Pandelis and I had fun with text2speech [clicki aboves]