Hannah Harper:

“Is it all right if we do a facial cum shot?” the director asked me on my first movie for my Sin City contract. Are you kidding? I thought, if I had $1000 for every load I’ve taken on my face, wait a minute I do get… damn it, where’s all my money?

Anyway, the point is I’ve done a lot of facials. I’ve done a lot of anal, DP’s and ATM’s and it always surprises me when people don’t realize this. I like it when girls new to Direct Models say “Well, Hannah doesn’t do anal” as some kind of justification because they think they’re too good for it. “Umm, yes. Hannah does.”

I love being a contract girl; I love shooting features and enjoy the dialogue. I like make-up artists, beautiful locations. It’s fun to work with the same cast/crew each movie and hang out all day. A few months into my Sin City contract though I was feeling restless.

Fans had been e-mailing, asking me if I was going to shoot anything for Mayhem. As it was it had been purposely decided in my contract that I would only shoot features. But I’ve never really believed in changing your boundaries just because you’ve signed a contract. If you’ve taken cum on your face in countless early movies, why stop? I’ve done a lot of gonzo; the stronger of these scenes are what the majority of fans remember me for, so why not do more? Why not give people what they want? Isn’t that the basic principle of sales? So I asked Sin City and they agreed that I could shoot for Aurora Snow. I was excited about doing the scene. I realized that I had missed shooting gonzo; I missed the buzz of being pushed to my sexual limits, the ultimate submission and the adrenaline rush you get when you know a scene is really hot.

I’ve been on a lot of feature sets and many gonzo sets, I’ve socialized with primarily gonzo directors/performers and also those involved solely with features. And this has made me question, is there a silent war between features and gonzo? Does each camp really think that it is better and looks down on the other?

I’ve been told that there is no market for features, they are boring to watch, the girls in them don’t enjoy having sex, and no one cares about the dialogue.

I’ve heard that gonzo is a phase the industry will grow out of, the girls that do it are disgusting, and the directors are women-haters. Can’t we all just get along?

I like my involvement in both sides of the industry; I like the glamour of features but the shock value of gonzo. It’s fun to be shooting a simulated girl/girl scene with Ashley Blue and watch the director turn pale as she asks him what our boundaries are- can I force my hand down her throat? What about my own throat? Can I choke her? Spit on her? Slap her? Well, what are we supposed to do then?

Joking aside, I admire the performers that can fit comfortably into both worlds, those that can work for Vivid one day and Skeeter Kerkove the next. I don’t care who you are in this industry, what side of the fence you’re taking it up, what you think you’re doing differently. I had a director try to tell me once that what he shoots isn’t hardcore. Really, I thought, then why are my fingers halfway up this girl’s body? Save it for your parents, I know I’m shooting hardcore and I like it!