Oh no I think I caught a chill.
coming down with the flu?
I can’t move my neck left or right,
my joints ache and I shiver.
mmm soup? Yes.
Lately I find that my mind wonders when I’m onstage and I suddenly remember old -really old- dreams, vividly and in great detail, old memories from my childhood and early years in London, insignificant details all of a sudden spring to mind. I’m glad because my memory is so bad; I have no real recall of my lifeline so far. Today I remembered a dream I had years and years ago about a house on an island that I wanted to build. it would be all white, on top of a bare, rocky island and there would be a labyrinth around it to make it near impossible to get to it unless you had a map. The house would have many random and oddly shaped openings for the wind to blow through and make hissing sounds and a lot of running water inside. I’d be blasting the soundtrack of Vampires Lobos, getting ass faced with wine and dance around naked.
Oh it’s my name day today. Must remember to bring a carton of Kinder eggs to the theater for treats.

my body aches so much, i need a hot bath in my AWESOME Gucci bubble bath.