I put in 15 hour days as I work at the movie during the day and do the play at night. Then of course there’s the magazines and shit which one is supposed to do ’cause one must keep up with the rat race. HURL How boring boring boring boring i vant to bee alooone. As it is, I’m too tired to do either job well and I’d definitely fire me but as with everything else in this country, mediocrity prevails and I stay employed. I just had Ethiopian food with Artemis at an incredibly tacky and skanky place. The waiter reeked and I think I will too tomorrow at work. It’s got the stinkiest spices in edible cuisine. I see H for 10 mins each day as Lady L is working everyone in there to death.
I must get up in 5 hours to drag my sorry ass to the set.
Oh and -how could i forget- the mother of the soundman of this movie sucks cock in hell.