dreamt there was an intruder in the apartment, i think female, couldn’t see her, hear her, she was in here though; i was tip toeing from room to room expecting to bump into her and get stabbed, when i saw Peefee lying on the floor butchered to death. picked her up, cried, hid her and continued wandering, holding my breath. i was praying that Souppy had the good sense to get out and hide when i noticed her too, on the floor, dead, in blood. i couldn’t believe that i had lost my girls forever. i decided to kill the motherfucking murderer so i picked up the bild lilli and roamed the place, howling, searching for the demented cunt and kill her with the lilli. then i dunno what, i was taken over by sorrow and i jumped off the balcony. woke up with both monstahs snoring on either side of my head, grabbed them, hugged them and kissed them hard.