Just got back home.
Went to the festival for a few hours for a screening of Atlas.
Met friends from work and drank drank drank with my buddy georgakis.
Then came back to Athens for some shooting and now I’m black and blue.
At work we did a scene where I bully my soon-to-commit-suicide-brother’s girlfriend and another one where I wave goodbye to my finally-insane mother harhar
At lunch break I had a great talk with Kataleifos who is a total god. There, I also played with a really nice doggy called Efterpi. She was such a dear and fast. Pant.
Ate a cookie.
Farted some.
Ah, I want to slap some face.
Oh, they made some publicity postcards for the film and here’s one of me and Bryce. Perhaps it’s the first European film with a Blythe in it. buaha
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