Dear Diary,
Shooting this movie’s hard. For many reasons. Basically because of the shocking lack of manners. Each to their own I guess. Only 9 more weeks. Errikos is so fucking great though, today was our first day shooting together. He’s such a kid. I was too busy/angry/melancholic. I returned the motorbike to the assistant director ’cause I’m pretty sure I’d get into trouble. I have such an impatience for laws, rules and idiots. I was constantly riding it on the wrong lane and never stopping at red lights. And it’s only been my 1st week of riding a motorbike. I wonder how much more ruthless my driving will become when I get my own bike in September. I read Felizon’s magazine during break and I loved it. Razorcake is my kind of magazine! It was such a solace to have it at work today. Thanks Feliz!!! ♥
I have quite a few more to read, goodie!
Argh. I also had to take my clothes off today for a scene which I hated doing. I only like to be naked for sex scenes but not on my own. All the flaws -so many of them- scream blue murder!
On a different note, I heavily feathered Bryce’s hair. TONS of it has gone and it’s now just as long as before but much, much less Stoopid-Takara-like. Very flexible for ‘dos too.

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