you can’t get decent help these days.

[Tourette’s Syndrome day.]
Can’t stand my cleaning lady [of 8 years].
she totally ruins my Friday mornings.
and noway in hell am I leaving her alone in the apartment
and bail.
she needs [brutal] encouragement, otherwise she slacks off.
fucking albanians, lazy, unaccommodating people.

i just got the ad I did for the aids campaign

in other news, Parisian girls are the ultimate.

i did something I can’t tell. It involved a friend, money and a girl from Ukraine. But I can’t say. No, stop twisting my arm.

and lastly:

Rehearsals are going very well,
did a few shoots for mags,
hung out with L, S, Y, A, F.
Much stress regarding the ***** ******.

[/Tourette’s Syndrome day.]