Ryan remains suspicious of Zach. Ryan asks Maria to come clean with the information she has on Zach. James makes a shocking discovery. Tad’s suspicions about David are confirmed. Tad pushes Krystal to reveal what she is hiding. David’s secrets may be discovered. Jason gives Durant and Steven a warning. Emily and Nikolas fear that Helena’s curse may come true. Jax goes to see Courtney. Durant and Alcazar form an unlikely alliance. Jax gets an unpleasant surprise. Carly refuses to see the truth about Durant. Julian is stunned to see Katherine and bonds with her, unaware she is his mother. Fox has an ally in his schemes to get Whitney — Theresa offers to help him out! While Martin searches for Alistair, Paloma finally reunites with her mother. Whitney pushes Chad away and prays for an answer to her current dilemma. Pilar faints after seeing Martin (and calling him by name!) and is tended to by Martin and Paloma. Chad asks Fox to keep an eye on Whitney, not realising that Whitney has decided to marry him! Katherine and Alistair have a face to face, and she makes a major decision. Theresa decides to manipulate Whitney into choosing Fox as her new man. Despite Alistair’s continuation of abuse, Katherine decides to stay with him to save her family. Theresa tries to get Chad to forget about Whitney by convincing him that separation is better. Whitney begins her own plans to get Fox, who is thrilled by Whitney’s newfound attention. Luis and Sheridan decide to go away for a romantic evening together. Pilar isn’t on the mend after all when her health takes a turn. Theresa continues to push Chad to get on with his life, but seeing Whitney and Fox kiss makes him see red. Martin tries to protect Katherine from Alistair, but can’t believe it when she tries to stop him. Paloma spends some time with Theresa and Little Ethan, getting to know the family she never had. Luis and Sheridan enjoy a moonlight skinny dip and begin to dream of one day getting married. Luis and Sheridan’s plans of a future marriage are marred by the appearance of wreckage from the Crane jet. Eve and Ivy square off about Ivy’s influence in life,and Eve turns the tables on her blackmailer. After seeing Fox and Whitney in a passionate kiss, Chad launches himself at his new half-brother. Pilar doesn’t understand why she is dreaming of Martin and Katherine. Katherine lashes out at her husband, and pulls a gun on him.