This Week’s Scoop

Kendall realizes she has lost her power over Ryan.
Kendall hires Zach to check into the accuracy of Ethan’s claim.
Kendall interrupts Ryan from telling Greenlee how he feels about her.
Kendall is warned by her mother to stop her “games” with Ryan and Greenlee.
Bianca tells her mother of the guilt she feels over Miranda’s death.
Bianca is asked by her uncle to not push Erica away.
Bianca returns to the rape crisis center.
Ryan starts to believe Ethan and his claim to be a Cambias heir.
Ryan and Ethan search for the Cambias files.
Zach is shocked to find out about Ethan.
Zach finds Maria near the bluffs.
Maria resists Zach’s charms and moves to get her back.
Edmund confides in Aidan about Maria and Zach’s past together.
Aidan doesn’t trust Bobby.
Anita plans a very romantic surprise for her husband.
Liza is forced to keep JR and Adam’s secrets.
Reggie shares about his childhood with Danielle.
Krystal tells Babe why Jamie is in jail.
Tad pretends to be the new attorney representing Seth.
Seth does incriminate JR, as he is taped, but discovers the wire and stabs Jamie