My best friend is so preetee.

I love the Tess cause she is the best. She is far better than the rest. Tess can make it all go away, it’s great but ok. If I scream “Tess!” she says “how high?” but then we lay low and plotments. I’ll kick anyone’s ass for the Tess. Tess makes me happy, Tess makes me toot; when Tess gives me the Herro I toot and smile. I love the Tess and I’m the lucky guy. I’ll kick your ass if you dun give respect to the Tess in you. Herro Tess! Herro! I dun mind if Tess wrecks my sideview mirrow [i dun need it anyway] I will do what Tess says, Tess is the shit. If Tess says “click here, here, here, here and here” I WILL click. I have a Tess and you don’t, so there. Tessments all round! I kick your ass regardlessment. Oh Tess. Herro.

oh and yes crick –>