yatabazah: I’m currently having my prostate massaged
slikchikgrrl: I know
yatabazah: yes
slikchikgrrl: I was wondering who was doing the massaging
yatabazah: Zozefina
slikchikgrrl: haha
slikchikgrrl: in medical school…..
slikchikgrrl: we learn to do those exams on paid volunteers
yatabazah: WHAT!?
slikchikgrrl: prostate exams and women’s pelvic exams
slikchikgrrl: LOL
yatabazah: you have actually insserted a finger iside a man’s bootay?!
slikchikgrrl: they pay them like $1000/week or something
slikchikgrrl: HAHAHAHAH
yatabazah: WHERE DO I SIGN UP!??????????????!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
slikchikgrrl: \like HUNDREDS of times!!!!
slikchikgrrl: at your local medical school!!!
slikchikgrrl: LOL
yatabazah: pff
yatabazah: hey dont do that heree
slikchikgrrl: I bet they do
yatabazah: hehe
yatabazah: $1000 a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yatabazah: WOW
yatabazah: i can do that full time!
slikchikgrrl: you have to learn what to look for before you go around doing it to patients!
slikchikgrrl: haha
slikchikgrrl: see…. I always wondered what kind of sick people would sit there and let 20 people a day stick their fingers in places
slikchikgrrl: teehee
yatabazah: hehe
slikchikgrrl: now I know!!1
yatabazah: ME! ME!
yatabazah: ME!
slikchikgrrl: HAHHA
yatabazah: wow the easiest 1000
slikchikgrrl: I guess so!
slikchikgrrl: it might get fatigued
yatabazah: can i read a magazine at the same time?
slikchikgrrl: no
slikchikgrrl: you have to give them feedback
slikchikgrrl: if they’re doing it right
slikchikgrrl: or hurting you
yatabazah: “was it good for you too?’
slikchikgrrl: or what
slikchikgrrl: exactly
yatabazah: HAHAHA
yatabazah: can I moan with pReasure?
slikchikgrrl: maybe they could combine that with a testicular exam for you
yatabazah: oh
slikchikgrrl: um, perhaps when the instructor steps out
yatabazah: ok
slikchikgrrl: and you’re not allowed to do it back to the students
yatabazah: HAHAHAHHA