Hot Asian chick hits on hot Mediterranean guy; steamy and unedited:
make_rove_to_me: herro!
make_rove_to_me: are you the yatabazah?
make_rove_to_me: of I have heard muchly?
yatabazah: AHAHAHAHA
make_rove_to_me: oh I rove yatabazah
yatabazah: ohh…
yatabazah: thanks
make_rove_to_me: you are su funny for me
yatabazah: HAHAAH
yatabazah: slik cam on
yatabazah: yikes
make_rove_to_me: who?
make_rove_to_me: I am sorry
make_rove_to_me: engrish not good for me
yatabazah: your engrish is so good for me though
make_rove_to_me: the bryce of your daughter I rove
yatabazah: awwww..
make_rove_to_me: I am hot to gain her friend
yatabazah: AHAHAHAHAH
yatabazah: wow
make_rove_to_me: why raughing at me?
make_rove_to_me: LOL
yatabazah: oh nothing
yatabazah: somebody here just farted
yatabazah: you know? falt?
make_rove_to_me: what is of the the fart thing you say?
make_rove_to_me: aaaaaaah
make_rove_to_me: falt
yatabazah: yes
yatabazah: falted
yatabazah: ooohh.
make_rove_to_me: is it of smells?
yatabazah: *faints*
yatabazah: um..
make_rove_to_me: you rove me?
yatabazah: yes of vely smelly
yatabazah: yes
yatabazah: HAHAH
yatabazah: smerry sorry
make_rove_to_me: hungly it has made of my intestine
make_rove_to_me: I’m not!!!
yatabazah: no!?!!??!?!?!?!
yatabazah: wow
make_rove_to_me: I am pretendingg I did!
yatabazah: *bows*
make_rove_to_me: I can’t babelfish that fast
yatabazah: i rove you
make_rove_to_me: awwwww
make_rove_to_me: i rove you of the same
yatabazah: oh i;m sorry the door
yatabazah: brb
yatabazah: coming!!!!
make_rove_to_me: it was again?
make_rove_to_me: I am in door
yatabazah: oh herro!
make_rove_to_me: herro mr. yata
yatabazah: heeh
make_rove_to_me: I am sexy lady
yatabazah: do come in
yatabazah: HAHAAHAHAHA
yatabazah: HAHAHAHAAH
yatabazah: have a seat
make_rove_to_me: appreciate much
make_rove_to_me: appleciate
make_rove_to_me: excuse my sperring
yatabazah: want some coke right?
make_rove_to_me: coke of very good I like yes
yatabazah: or left?
yatabazah: ok
yatabazah: I’rr be right back
make_rove_to_me: not undertanding, I will require of translation
make_rove_to_me: yes, mr yata
make_rove_to_me: I am waiting of you
yatabazah: make yourself at home [i.e perform harakiri]
make_rove_to_me: karikari ancient ritual
yatabazah: yes yes
yatabazah: here you are
yatabazah: coke right
make_rove_to_me: of thanks
yatabazah: preasure
make_rove_to_me: I am hot for the bubble of my tongue in me
yatabazah: HAAHAHAH
yatabazah: HAHAHAHAHA
yatabazah: HAHAHAHAAH
make_rove_to_me: you rike bubble also mr yata
make_rove_to_me: of the tongue
yatabazah: arso you mean?
make_rove_to_me: foregive my engrish
yatabazah: ahahha
yatabazah: werr….
yatabazah: i do actuarry
make_rove_to_me: you are of speaking engrish with professional way
yatabazah: thank you
yatabazah: i arso serve a mean coke right
make_rove_to_me: teeeheeeeheeee
yatabazah: heheheeh
make_rove_to_me: of the bubble it is pleasure
yatabazah: oh the door
yatabazah: who can it be?
make_rove_to_me: you expecting of fliends for more?
yatabazah: for more!! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA
yatabazah: yes
yatabazah: some peopre are coming
yatabazah: to terr me somethibg
make_rove_to_me: of coming to gain the preasure of you?
yatabazah: yes
make_rove_to_me: yes, mr yata
make_rove_to_me: I tell you all
yatabazah: verry
yatabazah: terr?
yatabazah: terr what!?
make_rove_to_me: oh yes
make_rove_to_me: oh! undertanding current! your fliends for to terr you of something
make_rove_to_me: I am letarded
yatabazah: HAHAAHAH
yatabazah: ahaha
yatabazah: oops
yatabazah: sorry
yatabazah: phone
make_rove_to_me: you no desire of my speaking this moment now?
yatabazah: oh no, i do
make_rove_to_me: my mouth of preasure this time it luns without rimits
make_rove_to_me: did you understand of my engrish?
yatabazah: drink some coke right!
make_rove_to_me: ok mr. yata
yatabazah: [i spiked it with sleeping pills]
yatabazah: how do you feerr?
make_rove_to_me: I am doing as you demand
make_rove_to_me: I feer sreepy
yatabazah: oh?
yatabazah: rie down
make_rove_to_me: vely sreepy
make_rove_to_me: yes, I rie
yatabazah: [good I’m gonmna git me some ass]
yatabazah: oh.. you are sreepy
yatabazah: hehe
yatabazah: *jumps rove’s bones*
yatabazah: —The End—-
make_rove_to_me: HAHAHAAH
yatabazah: HAHAAH