Dear Diary,
Today I shot the scenes where I’m new in town, broke, homeless and I wash car windows at the traffic lights to make a buck [well, a Euro]. I must have washed a particular window shield 60 times for one scene. Then this older, veteran window washer comes and kicks my butt for taking his spot on the highway. The person playing him was an amateur and was VERY rough. My shoulder hurts. It was fun and therapeutic! The atmosphere was good and a friend of mine was also doing a day’s shooting with us, she played a woman who argues with her husband and I eavesdrop while washing their car windows. Tomorrow we shoot my arrival in the big scary city. By bus, at this old, decrepit bus terminal at Liossion.
I can’t wait for my 10 Little Big Eyes to arrive so I can have a spiffing time customizing them. It’ll be a blast! Hec just read me his new script and it’s really wonderful; it’ll be a fucking great movie. I’ll play a school teacher. hehe
Look! Kim Novac’s falling..
I so hope I land Koutra’s new film. There’s a super role for me there. Of course half of my friends are up for it too.