Golden Goddess
Pretty Paisley
Love 'N Lace
Medieval Mood
Blythe was produced by Kenner in 1972 and designed by the  Marvin Glass Associates, one of the foremost toy design studios. You could change her eyes with a pull of a drawstring at the back of her head to blue, pink, green and orange. She came in four hair colors and with an assortment of 12 groovy fashions that strongly reflected the style of her time. She also had wigs in crazy colors, sunglasses and a wardrobe case you could store everything in.
In 1972, children found her large head and changing eyes a bit on the scary side and by the end of the year she was no longer being produced.
Boxed dolls lingered in dusty toy store aisles at clearance prices for a few years after that, before dissapearing for good.
Roaring Red
Pinafore Purple
Pleasant Peasant
Lounging Lovely
Priceless Parfait
Pow-Wow Poncho
Kozy Kape
Aztec Arrival
Wig and sunglasses sets
Wardrobe Case
.. and that's all that was ever produced for the Blythe line.