At the same time as her 1972 release in
the USA, Blythe was also marketed for
the Japanese under the name "Mahou no
Hitomi AiAi Chan" which means "The
eyes of magin AiAi Chan"  and licensed
by Tomy Corp. toys. The doll was
basically the same with some discreet
differences, like shiny eyelids, softer hair
and 7 lines of writing on her back instead
of 6.  Her packaging and outfits were
completely re-designed; to no avail though as AiAi bombed at
the Japanese market just as Blythe did in USA. AiAi Chan is
extremely hard to find these days and insanely expensive.

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AiAi Chan:
the Japanese Blythe
The complete AiAi Chan line up minus the "bride" doll.